Empower your business with an AI-driven assistant that knows it all

Boost your team's productivity with a lightning-fast AI assistant creation process. In just minutes, you can create an AI assistant that collaborates seamlessly with your entire team.

Finances and accounting

Ask your assistant for instant access to financial data, accounting records, and taxes from different sources, saving you time and hassle.


Your assistant can draft blog articles, newsletters, paid advertisement copy, and more, all based on your business data.

Write a newsletter to alert your customers of new products takes a few seconds and you can request as many revisions as you’d like!


With your assistant, discussing sales data from all platforms is a breeze, giving you instant access to the information you need to make informed business decisions.

HR and recruiting

Integrate your assistant with HR tools and docs for streamlined HR processes, making the experience smoother and more efficient for recruiters and HR managers.

Customer support

Create a private or public support assistant to supercharge your customer success team. Control the data that the assistant has access to and the information it can share with customers.


Integrate your assistant with Github, API docs, and project management tools for streamlined development processes.Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for information or tasks and hello to the convenience of having an assistant to help you every step of the way.

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Develop a personalized chatbot assistant, either private or public, that seamlessly connects with all your business data and integrations.

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